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classroom gratitude jar
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Classroom Gratitude Kit

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If you’re looking for a fun an easy way to introduce a gratitude practice to your classroom, we’ve got you covered.

Our Classroom Gratitude Kit includes:

  • An elegant glass jar with a beautiful printed label that will look great wherever you choose to put it.
  • Two grateful pads so your group can write down the things you are grateful for on a given day and add to the jar for reflection.
  • Two thank you pads to help your group recognise the contributions that other people have made so that they can let others know how appreciated they are.

The kit has been thoughtfully designed to bring a peaceful moment to the day where students can reflect on the big and small gifts in their life and will be a great addition to any classroom.

Gratitude practices offer many benefits for all ages.  Having a reminder to stop, take notice and appreciate the things we do have not only allows us to magnify positive emotions and enjoy more of them, it also helps unshackle us from toxic, negative emotions such as envy and regret that can destroy our happiness.

Practicing gratitude regularly also has a raft of health benefits including, helping people build a stronger immune system, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep and improving heart rhythm.  It also decreases anxiety and depression and increases patience, resilience and our connection with others.

More than anything, this is a simple way to remind us to pay attention to the things we do have that we would otherwise take for granted.

At the end of the month/year or if having a bad day, you can open the jar and read back all the things you are grateful for.

You can do this by yourself, as a team or as a class.

Gratitude is something that grows when it’s practised.  The more that you take notice, the more there will be to appreciate.

Please contact us if you wish to make a bulk order so we can arrange a price discount.

Product Contents:

  • A beautiful glass jar with bamboo lid 100mmH x 88mmW
  • 2 x I’m grateful for notepad (110mmH x 75mmW x 50 sheets of 90gsm paper)
  • 2 x Thank you notepad (110mmH x 75mmW x 50 sheets of 90gsm paper)
  • 1 x blue ballpoint pen

All kits are packed in a beautiful cardboard gift box

Printed in Australia

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