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Our Story

Hi I’m Christina, the Founder and Creative Director of Little Musings. 

I am passionate about understanding how people can bring out the best in themselves, achieve their goals and create a life they love.  I am the proud mother of two amazing little humans and am driven by the belief that we all deserve to live in a kinder world, with happier people.  I want that for my family.  I want that for you and yours.

Little Musings grew from my desire to encourage my children to think more deeply and live their life with passion and purpose right from the start.  I wanted to help them build a solid foundation of self-belief, determination and gratitude that would see them through the stickier bits of life as safely and with as much ease as possible. 

I wanted my children to learn that they can create their own life, the way they want to live it.  I wanted them to understand that they are more powerful than they know and to truly believe in their own potential – not because I believe in them but because of an unwavering belief in themselves and their own value.

So, I began reading quotes and poems to inspire and empower them but as I did, something changed in me too.  It created a more profound gratitude for the magic of life, a motivation to see the world a little differently and to be a little kinder to myself (and those around me).  It gave me something I felt had been lost amongst the daily rush of life.

And so, hoping to bring a little of that magic to the lives of others, we decided to create products for everyone to enjoy. 

Our products have been created with a whole lot of thought and even more love so there is something for everyone.  There is something for those seeking a little career inspiration, something for those who need to take time out to appreciate the life they have created and products to remind others just how special they are. 

I hope our products, content and community will help you along your journey and inspire you to get where you want to be.

Thank you for landing here, I hope you enjoy exploring what you find!

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