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Your brain is for having ideas not holding them

There is a general principle of productivity which is that our brain is for having ideas not for holding them.  A big part of why we let things slip through the cracks when it comes to managing our time is because we haven’t written it down.

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Digital to do lists are great but when I’m working out my to do list and planning out my week, it’s all based on an analogue system, my trusty weekly planner.

Having a physical to do list in front of you that you can cross things off feels fantastic.  There’s something incredibly satisfying about crossing things off a list that you just don’t get with an app.

I love to get all the to do’s out of my head before I finish up for the day so I can make a quick start in the morning.  Getting it out of my head frees my mind, helps me not miss critical things and helps me be more present with the people in my life.

So help your brain have the ideas not hold onto them – check out our range of weekly planners at littlmusings.com.  We have designs to suit everyone!

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