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Why use a paper planner, is it 1955?

Many things we do have been automated or moved to our computers/phones/watches but there are benefits to using paper in some situations - goal setting and planning your time are just two of them.

Attractive woman using planning pad on coffee shop

Need convincing?  Here are 7 benefits of using paper-based planners:

  1. It helps you plan your day/week with intent.
  2. It helps you be more selective about what you put in and more realistic about how much you can get done in a day or week. That way you won’t over commit which will only stress you out and push you further behind the next week.
  3. Writing can be like active mediation, helping you make sense of the jumble of thoughts and ideas in your mind. This can help you prioritise more effectively.
  4. Writing by hand promotes information recall – so writing into a paper planner helps you keep on top of your schedule and to-do list in your head too!
  5. Crossing off completed tasks is sooooo satisfying and will make you feel like you’re accomplishing more. Further motivating you to get more done.
  6. You can reflect on the week, what you got done, where you got off-track and plan accordingly for the coming week.
  7. Paper planners come with fewer distractions so checking your planner won’t turn into an hour of checking emails or flicking around on social media.
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