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What's your daily highlight?

Every time you have something to do you should put a block in your diary.  I usually use these blocks to focus on the bigger things so I don’t end up spending my whole day planning my day 😊

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But there are things I always schedule into my diary.  At the beginning of each day is a block of time to complete my daily highlight (the thing I absolutely need to get done that day). 

So, if my daily highlight is setting up content for my socials then I block time in my calendar to get it done.  This is really reassuring because it means that that one thing I’ve decided is really important is always going to get done because it’s in the schedule.  Then if I need to move it around ai do but at least it’s there on the schedule. 

Combining the strategy of a daily highlight with time blocking in your calendar is incredible for productivity. 

And yes, you will always have more than one thing to do in a day but imagine if every single day for the next year you could actually do the one thing, the most important thing to do that day, you’d make a whole lot of progress over the course of the year and it would be absolutely game changing.

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