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What’s your go to playlist & how does it impact your outcomes?

Happy, upbeat music causes our brains to produce chemicals like dopamine and serotonin which create feelings of joy.  Calming music relaxes the mind and body, it can help calm the mind and even help us stay focused on a task.

Music can have a massive impact on our emotions, that’s why movies have music.  In movies, the music is perfectly timed to make us feel a particular emotion at just the right time.  Music creates feelings – it is impactful.

And it’s a two-way street.  Not only can music influence our moods but our moods can also determine the music we choose to listen to. 

Attractive young woman listening to a boom box

We all have our go to play list.  The songs we listen to when we’re working out, the ones we listen to when we want to relax or do yoga or go for a run. Or even when we’re angry, when we want to cry it out, or when we want to feel fierce and invincible.  We have the go to songs we listen to when we’re in love and the ones we play when we’re on top of the world.

So why is this important?  Because music is powerful.  It can change our mood, it is a great stress buster, it can calm our minds, it can help us focus, lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels.  It can impact how we see ourselves, what truths about life, our potential and our awesomeness we choose to believe. 

So next time you reach for your boom box (whatever form that takes for you) choose based on how you want to feel or what you want to get done and go from there.

Create playlists for different moods and activities and see if it changes anything.

Listen to loads of music and dance often – it can change your life 😊.

What’s your go to playlist?

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