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Want to harness your creative spark? Quieten your life.

The reality is that we busy our minds so much that it rarely has the capacity to think of new ideas or solve problems.

Attractive woman lying on a blanket infornt of a lake

We’re on at work all day, we read our phones when waiting somewhere for a few minutes, we call people while we’re on the commute home and we watch tv or read to unwind.

We rarely let ourselves get bored enough to think.

Ever wondered why solutions to problems pop into your head when you’re in the shower, while you’re trying to fall asleep or out on a walk?  It’s because you’ve given your brain space to breath.  You’ve allowed it sufficient alone time to do its best work – busily come up with ideas and solutions for you.

It’s the same reason you hear of writers taking themselves off to cabins in the middle of nowhere to write their next novel.  You simply can’t multi-task your brain all day and expect it not to be exhausted.  And with so many constant demands on our attention, it takes a real concerted effort to get away from all the distractions and simply just be.

Give it a try, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day and you’ll notice a massive difference in the quality of the ideas and solutions you can generate.

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