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Want to be happier? Here’s a simple trick.


We all want to feel happier and I’ve written about this so much I’m sure you know it…

A huge driver of our happiness (and overall physical and psychological health) is being grateful.

Young girl in meadow

It is easy to rush through our day and take little notice of what is actually going on.  We’re hurried, we’re overloaded, we’re ‘fire-fighting’ all day – it’s no wonder we feel burnt out and not particularly happy at the end of the day.

So, here’s a tiny little thing you can do to be happier – pay attention to the good stuff as it happens. 

Yes, it’s simple (but harder for many of us than it should be).  Be present in your day and when something good happens – big or small – take an extra few minutes to pause, appreciate it and let yourself feel happy.

By taking that few minutes to savour your happiness and how good you feel in that moment, it helps commit it to memory.

This will create more overall positive feelings about life and a more optimistic outlook.  It helps keep more of a mental balance that helps you through your day.

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