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Success Building Block – Exercise

Have you got big career or business goals to achieve?  If you want to be more successful, exercise!

There are a huge number of health benefits to exercising but there are also numerous cognitive benefits too, including: 

  • Improved concentration
  • Sharper memory
  • Faster learning
  • Prolonged mental stamina
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Lower stress; and
  • Elevated mood

Another reason successful people keep fit is that exercise gives you more energy.

Male and female exercise

So how can you successfully incorporate exercise into your routine if it’s not something you really enjoy doing? Here are a few suggestions:

Identify a physical activity you actually like. There are many ways to work out other than going to the gym. Find a physical activity you can look forward to doing, like tennis, swimming, dancing, yoga or walking. You are far more likely to stick with an activity if you genuinely enjoy doing it.

Become part of group.  Finding an exercise regimen that involves other people might help. Socialising makes exercise more fun, which improves the chances that you’ll keep doing it. It’s also a lot harder to back out on a friend or a trainer than to persuade yourself that just one night off couldn’t hurt, particularly when others are depending on your participation.

If you’re struggling to find the time to exercise, try these tips:

Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Working out in the morning ensures you won’t get caught up working late and miss a sweat session. But, make sure you don’t sacrifice quality sleep. That’s equally as important.

Schedule exercise just like you would a meeting. Whether it’s a class or a gym visit, put it in your calendar to block the time.

So, if you’re looking for ways to support your success, regular exercise is an important part of your success mindset and routine.  Find something that you enjoy and gets you moving and start today!

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