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Spend the first few minutes of your day setting yourself up for success.

According to a recent article by Sara Childre, President at the HeartMath Institute: “The first few minutes of the day is an especially important time for establishing the personal emotional climate we want to start our day with.

Attractive young woman drinking coffee early in the morning

No matter which "side of the bed" we wake up on, as we consciously activate genuine heart feelings in the morning like appreciation, kindness or care, this can have a lasting, beneficial impact on our day. It sets an energetic tone for positive and effective energy to move through our system, creating a coherent flow that overrides most of the predictable stress accumulation in our interactions along the way”.

Setting your day up with a little extra in the bank to override predictable stress is a positive for your productivity, mental health and physical health. 

Now admittedly, unlike the gorgeous woman in the image, I don’t have the luxury of gazing out of a window while sipping my morning beverage, surrounded with plants and candles.  I’m rushing out of bed to make lunches and get a few things organised but it is possible to take a few minutes to set the tone for the day while eating your breakfast or even making lunches.

How can you spend the first few minutes of each day to set you up for success?

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