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Mindfulness isn’t just for monks!  You can get all the benefits whilst still getting about your day?

I’m not a huge sit down and meditate kind of person.  I know it’s important and great to do but I find my monkey mind takes over constantly or I relax for a few minutes and fall asleep – there’s little in between for me. 

If you’re a capable meditator great – keep doing it.  But if you’re like me and find it challenging, it might be worth trying something else.

Man meditating on the beach

I find that taking a mindful walk where I can keep my body moving but say, listen to some calming music helps me clear my mind.

You can also try other things such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong or a glower form of yoga if you’re the type that needs to keep moving.

If you’re more of a sit down to relax kind of person, you can try mindful colouring or painting (there are some beautiful colouring books for adults available).

Do some gardening, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee but really take your time making it and drinking it.  Sit in nature.

Whatever helps you slow down and actually notice what you’re doing.

Give it a go!

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