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We spend so much time and energy chasing the things we believe will bring us happiness.  The best job, the best car, the best house in the best suburb, the perfect partner, the nicest clothes – the list is endless.  But we all know people who have the things we are conditioned to believe will make us happy and still, they are not. 

And we all know people who have dealt with misfortune and have bet the toughest odds with joy in their hearts and seem truly happy despite their situation.

Happiness is attainable for everyone but something in us has to shift to feel it. 

A big focus for us at Little Musings is gratitude and finding beauty in the smallest and simplest things in life.  That is not to say that life is always smooth sailing or that we should be grateful for everything that happens – certainly we should not.  There are some horrific things that happen and sometimes it can seem like there is more dark than light.  But it’s not about being happy and grateful for everything, it’s about finding the joy, the beauty or gift, not in the dark bits, but in spite of them.

We have a dedicated Facebook Group Little Grattitudes specifically dedicated to practicing and sharing daily little gratitudes.  It was created to help our community adopt gratitude practices a part of their daily routines and build their gratitude muscle! 

We’d love for your to join our community and share your daily little gratitudes with us. 

Join now.

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