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Feeling stuck for ideas – try this

We’re often expected to create and work to due dates but what can you do if you’re feeling stuck for ideas and a due date is looming?  We have some ideas for you below.  And remember the brain works best when it’s not directly thinking about the task at hand!

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So, if you’re feeling stuck and your creative juices have dried up – try one of these options to reignite the spark of ideas:

  • Change your environment. The very first thing I do when I’m just not feeling it is to change my physical environment. I either move myself to a different room where I can spread all of my ideas out on the floor in front of me or take myself outside and work in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Take a walk or exercise. Stanford researchers have found that walking improves creativity. On average, creative thinking increases by 60% when there is walking involved and ideas continue to come even after you return to your desk. 
  • Make something. Get creative, draw a picture, make something out of clay or even paperclips if that’s all you’ve got.  Just get your brain to change tracks.
  • Start an inspiration folder. Before you even get started on your project, let your brain nut through some ideas.  Whenever you see a good idea or something that might help with the task, pop it in a folder and look at it all when you’re ready to start.
  • Sleep on it. Salvador Dalí once said, “All of my best ideas come through my dreams.” Whether to get inspiration from your dreams or to simply take a break and clear your mind, having a good night’s rest can really help creativity.
  • Play some music. Listening to the right kind of music can help you stay focused and keep you in flow, helping the ideas keep coming.  The right kind of music is different for everyone,
  • Do nothing. Yep, that’s right. Take some time to do nothing at all. Whether you’ve been working hard or just stuck for ideas, take time to relax, enjoy yourself, and come back to it later.

Happy creating!

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