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Don’t wait till the shine wears off

In the early part of the year, it feels easier to approach things with a calm, level-headedness that gets harder to maintain as the year progresses and we get tired.

Cozy lounge room with a cup of tea and pot with open book and couch

Coming out of fun summer days and heading further into the year, the energy boost we get from summer can wear-off, leaving us feeling a little less happy and enthusiastic.

Now with the year well and truly in full swing, it’s more important to maintain healthy rituals of mindfulness and self-care.  The more established your routines are, the better they can support you throughout the year.

How you practice mindfulness and self-care doesn’t have to be big or expensive, simple things matter.  But it is important to make time in your day, clear of stress and distractions to be present and look after your wellbeing.

It will help keep you energised as the year goes on.  


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