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Can I get a “hell yeah”?

Feeling overwhelmed with the demands on your time?  Wish you didn’t have to do half the things you agree to?  It might be time to adopt the hell yeah or no approach.

Excited attractive young woman making a hell yeah sign with her hands

The idea being that something is either a hell yeah or it’s a no.  Now there are some things we have to do – most of us have to work etc. but if you get a message from someone asking “hey do you want to do this thing” and you’re thinking, maybe it sounds kind of alright, then your default position should be no. 

If you get a message asking “hey do you want to do this thing” and you’re immediately thinking “hell yeah” then do the thing.

Because invariably your calendar will be full of a lot of things where you’d think, “oh yeah, kind of” rather than “hell yeah” to and you always regret doing it when it comes down to it. 

The “maybes” not only take up your valuable time and take you away from the things you’d rather be doing but also are a bit of a kill joy on your day when you know you have to spend time doing something you weren’t super keen on to begin with.

So, learning to become ok with saying no to stuff is really important to help you get a hold of your time.  Have a bit of a practice, it’s kind of fun once you start and strips away a whole lot of angst.

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