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Are you going crazy?

Well perhaps, but if you’re finding yourself a little more easily rattled or feeling that you don’t seem to have the same ability to manage multiple projects or unforeseen circumstances – you’re not alone.

Crazy looking bird

Many people I speak to are highlighting how they can’t seem to tackle issues with the same vigour they had a few years ago and it’s not surprising. 

Over the last few years we’ve all dealt with immense uncertainty and despite things pushing forward, there is still a large amount of daily uncertainty that has the capacity to derail our day. 

We now start our day with a level of uncertainty that would hit most of us only on particularly stressful days.

Unpredictability has become the norm, and for some people that can add a thick layer of stress that is particularly exhausting. 

So, if you’re not dealing with things like it’s 2019, don’t be too hard on yourself.  It has been an intense few years and many aspects of our seemingly normal lives are still very abnormal. 

Plan as well as you can, have a few Plan B’s where possible and take each day at a time.  Ensure you weave in a few activities that help you re-centre yourself during each day and make time to rest and recalibrate.

Oh, and it’s ok to cut yourself some slack.

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