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Are you filling your day or utilising it?

Have you ever heard of Parkinson’s Law?  It states that work expands to fill the time we allocate to it.  So, if I have to write website copy in a day, for example and I give myself the whole day to write the website copy, inevitably, its’ going to take all day to do it.

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Whereas if I only give myself half an hour or an hour to write the website copy and I fill my day up with other things, then inevitably I get the content written in that small amount of time.

So, the tip here is to leverage off artificial deadlines even when it’s something that doesn’t have a deadline or doesn’t even need to be done or is a purely optional project.

Set yourself the goal and block out time in your calendar to do it and that becomes an artificial deadline.  Whereas if you just have it in your mind or on your to do list without a deadline or schedule, it is unlikely to ever get done.

So set yourself blocks of time to get your work done to ensure that your work doesn’t expand to fill the time.

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Happy productivity!

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