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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Saying Goodbye to 2021

It can be appealing to want to get to the end of the year as quickly as possible and look forward to a fresh start in the year ahead. 

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But before you leave the year behind take a moment to consider four questions that will set you up for a better 2022:

1. What do you want to keep from 2021?

Choose 3 things you want to keep doing in 2022.  This could include things that worked well, habits that have supported you – virtually, things you need to keep doing in the year ahead.

2. What needs to change?

Pick 3 things that you need to change in 2022.  This could include things that are holding you back, things that have stopped you living the way you want to – things that you need to stop doing so that you can make better choices that will get you closer to where you want to be.

3. What do you need to start?

Set your big goals aside for a moment, consider what 3 things you need to start doing that will get you closer to where/ who you want to be.  

4. What (or who) do you need to prioritise?

I once heard the saying that “when everything is a priority, nothing is a priority” and it is so true. 

Life is hectic, work is hectic.  There are hundreds of things that will ALWAYS need to be done. 

You have to decide what is worth prioritising, what the most important things are, so you can focus your time and energy to get the best results.

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