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Who owns your time?

Do you ever think you don’t have time to do something?

Well, your time is entirely in your control – you are doing with your time what you want to do.

Close up of a woman pouring tea
Have you ever said you don’t have time to exercise but then spent hours per week binge watching your favourite show?

The reality is you’re actively choosing not to work out instead.

So, when it comes to time management, step one is to recognise that we are always in control of our time. Yes, you might have a boss, yes you might have people telling you what to do but fundamentally you are in control of your own time and you can choose to do whatever you want with that time.

If you don’t have the time to do something, that something is just not a priority which is fine but don’t pretend you don’t have the time – just accept that it’s not a priority for you.

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