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Think you’re being productive? Think again!

Neuroscientist Dr Daniel Levitin says:  Every time you shift your attention from one thing to another, the brain has to engage a neurochemical switch that uses up nutrients in the brain to accomplish that.

So, if you’re attempting to multitask by doing four or five things at once, you’re not actually doing four or five things at once because the brain doesn’t work that way.

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Instead, you’re rapidly shifting from one thing to the next, depleting neural resources as you go.

Manoush Zomorodi says – A decade ago we shifted our attention at work every three minutes.  Now we do it every 45 seconds and we do it all day long.  The average person switches tasks on their computer 566 times a day.

No wonder we’re burnt out and can’t focus!

So next time you think you’re being productive by ‘multi-tasking’ just remember these guys and consider that you’re not really multi-tasking.  You’re really making everything take longer and unnecessarily using up nutrients and making your brain waste more energy than it needs to.

Do one thing at a time and focus on it.  Get it done and move onto the next thing.

Multi-tasking is a myth!

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