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Summer Lovin’

Well, we’ve started a beautiful, brand-new year and in the southern hemisphere, we’re well and truly in summer. 

Summer items on blue floor boards

Summer is a time full of active sun energy. Everything is growing and blooming in full glory and buzzing with energy. The days are long, the sun is shining, temperatures are warm.

The world around us is full of infinite shades of green, sounds of buzzing insects and summer fragrances. Summer has the energy of fire, growth, creativity and abundance.

Summer is the time of the year that we naturally have the most energy.

It is the season to be active and to work hard on your dreams and goals. Also, it is a time to be social, meet new people, try new things and let the creative juices flow!

Go outside, move your body and connect with people around you. The long daylight hours make it possible for us to work and play longer than other seasons. Summer is a time of celebration and all about outward expression of energy.

Make the most of it, set some goals, work towards your dreams and enjoy the buzz of summer. 


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