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Simple Joys in Life & How to Notice Them

Life can feel heavy and overwhelming at times. It takes intentional effort to slow down and notice the good that exists in the world.

Practicing gratitude can be as simple as listing things that bring you joy and make you smile and will go a long way in creating more joy in your life. 

How can a list of simple joys in life help?

You won’t be rushing to compare

With the constant barrage of social media and advertising, it’s easy to compare your life to the manufactured ones you see online. This can cause you to feel unhappy and dissatisfied with what you have because it appears that other people have it all together. P.s., they don’t!

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No one wins in the comparison game so don’t let it steal your joy. 

A wonderful benefit to creating your own list of simple joys in life is that it causes you to focus on the things you do have. It shifts your perspective from what is ‘missing’ to one of gratitude for what is already there.

It will make you happier

As you practice looking for simple joys and writing down what you’re grateful for, it will increase your happiness.

Studies have shown that a regular gratitude practice creates greater happiness and contentment.

Having a list of positive things to remember when life feels more challenging is a great gift you can give your future self.

The more you notice, the more you will find.

As you practice noticing the little things to be grateful for, it eventually becomes a habit. The habit of looking for gratitude trains your brain to find more things to be grateful for.

It’s like when you are shopping for a new car, you suddenly notice a lot of certain types of cars on the road.  When you increase your level of awareness of a particular thing, you begin to notice more of it even though it was there all along.

How to Noice the Simple Joys in Life

Slow down

Slowing down takes effort in our fast-paced world. 

It takes intentionality and saying no to good things in order to protect your schedule and create margin in your life.

It’s hard to notice the simple joys in life when you’re too busy to slow down and see them.

Start a gratitude practice

Noticing the simple things that bring us joy is one thing, taking the time to reflect on them and write them down is even more powerful.

The act of writing them down creates further neurological connection and is also a great gift for the future if you need a reminder of all that is good and joyful in your life. 

Gratitude won’t necessarily change your life circumstances, but it can powerfully change your perspective and how you feel about them. 

Make some time to create your own list of simple joys in life that make you smile.  And if you’re looking to start a gratitude practice, check out our website for our range of gratitude jars and teddies. 

If you feel like sharing, I’d love to hear some of your simple joys in life.

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