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Self care – who has time for that?

Well actually the question should be, who doesn’t?

Any high achiever knows that in order to function at your absolute best, you need to be at your peak, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Let any one of these areas down and things start to unravel fast.

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Taking better care of yourself will help you build resilience and boost your happiness.  It will also help you feel more connected, recharge you and help you stay calm and focused.

By having a strong routine in place - knowing what feels good and nourishes all aspects of yourself, you will be able to cope better in those days that feel overwhelming.

A good routine will also help you learn what works best to boost your mood and energy, so that when you are struggling you can bounce back faster.

Self-care has become a fashionable term that might not resonate with everyone but to keep it simple just think of it as recharging your own battery.

Making time for yourself will help you feel energised, so you will be able to do more for yourself and help you show up for others.   

By making it part of your daily routine, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.  It can be as simple as stopping to be mindful and taking a deep breath, completing a gratitude practise before bed or taking a 10-minute break outside to be in nature during the day.

How you choose to rest and recharge will look different for everyone – what works for one person might be torture for another and some people might not find it easy to start with.  So, it’s important to stick with it until you find something that works for you and that fits into your routine easily enough that doing it won’t require too much effort.

Set yourself up with some healthy habits and weave some recharge time into your day!

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