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Is your tween or teen talking a different language? These guys can help!

We’re big fans of helping kids develop a mindset that will help them navigate their way through life as safely and happily as possible.  The earlier they start, the easier it is and the more supports they have in place when things get heavy.

Two friendly teenage girls

And if we thought growing up in our generation had its challenges, I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like for our kids now.

It can become increasingly difficult to make sense of what they are going through and what we, as the key adults in their life, can do to support them as they make their way through the big wide world.

As we leave the younger years of playing and protecting htme at home, we move into a stage where kids have to manage friendships, expectations, how they see themselves and how they fit into the world around them.

And as much as we love our range of kids and tween/ teen products, we know that parents and carers (well everyone who influences children in any way) can sometimes need expert tips to help them help the kids in their lives.

Whilst there is a plethora of great advice available, I have found a range of authors that not only provide critical information, they also break it down into easy to read and easy to implement suggestions that are incredibly effective.

If you’re looking for some extra guidance in your parenting journey, check out the following authors:

Steve Biddulph - stevebiddulph.com - Steve has a great range of books about raising boys and raising girls, helping parents understand what our kids really need from us. 

Maggie Dent - maggiedent.com, IG @maggiedentauthor

Maggie has an enormous range of books, podcasts, blogs etc. that are incredibly informative and well worth a read/listen.

Michelle Mitchell – michellemitchell.org, @Michellemitchell.author

Michelle has a way with words.  Her books are easy to read, engaging and full of easy to implement ideas on how to connect with kids.  She also has a fantastic range of journals and books catering for pre-puberty to teens and many great resources for families.   

If you’re looking to get a deeper understanding of what kids need, check out those sites.

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