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Have you slowed down during the winter? Good, it’s perfectly natural!

Today the world pretends that we live in an eternal summer, by working hard and never resting. We deny the connection we have to nature, and by doing so we get disconnected from both the earth and ourselves.

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We can really get unbalanced and stressed out by not respecting that life on earth has seasons. If we keep hustling constantly and never take time for resting, we will eventually burn out.

It is so easy to become caught up in modern life where the only way seems forward and anything else isn’t seen as success. We’re constantly told that you must grow, do better, get richer, get more and more and more. We lose connection to what is truly important and may even stop listen to what our heart wants. 

Winter, even if you don’t enjoy the cold, offers us an important rest stop.

Just as the we don’t expect flowers to bloom constantly, we can’t expect it from ourselves either.

The active period of summer is well and truly over and autumn has transformed into winter. Nature almost seems dead, the wind icy cold. But nature isn’t dead, all its energy is simply withdrawn into the core of the earth.

Winter is all about inward expression of energy. Spend time with yourself, your loved ones and family. Share nourishing meals, keep warm and enjoy the slower pace of life.

Plants and animals always adjust themselves to the changes the earth brings and we can benefit from a similar approach.

In the winter we naturally crave more sleep and in the summer, we feel happier and more active due to longer and stronger sunlight. Animals easily adapt to this, but humans stubbornly refuse to surrender to nature and keep going until we get sick.

Winter is the perfect time to rest from everything you have done so far this year. Meditate, sleep, dream and recharge your batteries for the upcoming spring.

Keep up with physical activity but give yourself some grace if you don’t go as hard at it as you usually do. 

Take a little time during the less intense winter months to reflect on how you’re tracking with your goals.  Are you on track or do you need to realign your action plan?  Have your goals changed as the year has progressed?  Now is a great time to plan your actions for the upcoming busier spring and summer months.

But most importantly, if you need extra sleep or more hearty meals, give your body what it needs.

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