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Feeling stressed and anxious? This could help. Tip 5

We get busy, we have a tonne of things to do and it’s easy to get swamped by it all.  Then we get stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out.

We’ve been writing a monthly tip on how to manage stress and anxiety and whilst this month’s tip won’t directly reduce stress and anxiety as it’s happening, it will help you manage your overall outlook, particularly at work.

This month’s tip is to be aware of your successes.

Tip 5:  Celebrate the wins.

Angry looking silverback gorilla

When you achieve something or get great feedback from a manager or client save it.  Save the email or the thank you card or whatever form it takes.  Take the time to appreciate your achievement and celebrate the wins (both the big and the small).

It will help provide a little extra motivation on those more intense days and will help keep you focused on achieving your goals. 

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