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Feeling stressed and anxious? This could help. Tip 4

Each month we’ve been writing a tip on how to reduce stress and anxiety.  If you’ve missed the previous tips, check out our socials for previous posts or you can find them on our blog at littlemusings.com

This month we want to chat about the importance of making time to plan out your day.

Tip 4:  Carve out enough time to actually plan your day.

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It’s easy to think that spending time planning just gives you less time to get your work done but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Making time to plan your day, noting what you have booked, what time is available for your tasks and prioritising them accordingly as well as making sure you allow time for rest breaks to recharge your batteries makes a huge difference.  It will improve your productivity and focus and also reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

I personally prefer to do it at the end of the previous day.  I find it helps me clear my mind and it feels like a nice way to finish the day – ready and organised for the next one.  That way I can hit the ground running the next morning.

Give this tip a try over the next month.  We know it will make a big difference to your stress levels. 

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