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Decisions are easy when you know what you want

Our values can be our compass for our lives and our choices.  Values guide our every decision (whether we notice or not).  When you know what is most important to you, making a decision is effortless.

Values are what we truly stand for.  They are fundamental to our happiness and fulfillment.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where it was hard to make a decision, the reason might be that you were unclear about what you valued most.

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One secret to happiness is to always live in line with your values.

Take a few minutes out of your week to consider your key values.  There are lists all over the internet so just Google ‘values list’ for some inspiration if needed.

Select your top 6 - 8 values. 

Think of 3 people you most admire or love. Consider why they are so important to you and the values they embody.  Use this simple process to uncover the values that you associate with those you admire most.

Once you have your list of values, look at your life as it is now.  What in your life supports you living according to these values?  What doesn’t?  What do you need to start doing to live more closely aligned to your values?

Now that you have a clear list of values, whenever important decisions need to be made, review the lists and ask – does this get me closer or further away from my values?

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