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Are your choices stupid or supportive?

This could be a generalisation but most people have things they want to achieve in life.  And whilst it’s not uncommon for people to know what they want, having a mindset that supports achievement seems to be an often-overlooked skill.  And it is a skill, which like anything, the more we do it, the better we get.

So, the question I’d like you to consider when making choices between any number of options you’re presented with on a daily basis is this – are your choices stupid or supportive?

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By that I mean, is the decision you’re making going to support you in achieving your goal / objective/ become the person you want to be etc. or is it derailing your progress?

Let’s look at it this way, if I want to get up early to get some exercise in before work and I stay up really late watching Netflix – is that decision stupid or supportive?  Well, it will certainly make it harder for me to wake up early and have the energy to exercise so I’d say it’s derailing my progress instead of supporting it (hence stupid).

If I want to improve my focus and stabilise my energy throughout the day but I eat a whole heap of highly processed junk food – is that stupid or supportive?  Well, I know that eating fresh, whole foods is better for my brain, better for my body and provides a slower and more consistent energy release without the crashes, so eating junk is derailing me not supporting me.

If I want to advance my career but spend my spare time scrolling through social media at funny cat videos making ‘influencers’ rich instead of building skills or networks that will help me get where I want to be?  As funny as some of those cat videos are, you know the answer! 

Those are just a few simple examples of the decisions big and seemingly insignificant, that we are faced with each day that have the power to help us achieve our goals or drag them further out of our reach.

So next time you’re faced with a choice, ask yourself, is this stupid or supportive?  It will help you make good choices and achieve your goals faster.

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