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Want to be happier? Ask yourself this question.

In the hustle and bustle of life and all our main gigs, side gigs, family gigs, recreation gigs and all other types of gigs and front hustles and side hustles, it’s easy to get caught on the hamster wheel and forget to stop, notice and be grateful for the things we actually do have in our lives.

Young boy hugging dog

They say if you want to be happy, be grateful.  So, let’s try this.  At the end of each day, whether alone or as a family during dinner, in a journal or a using a gratitude jar, ask yourself this question; what 3 things went well for me today?  And really make the effort to think of different things. 

Do it every day for 1 month.  I promise you’ll feel happier and won’t want to stop.

Start today!

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