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Become in-distractable

Want to limit distractions and make better use of your time? 

These tips may help:

Clarify your day before you start.  Allocate your time to minimise the chance of wasting it.  Schedule in the meetings you need to attend, highlight your ‘free’ time and block it to utilise it to the fullest. 

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Schedule distractions, if you have distraction time set aside or something fun to look forward to, you’ve got a better chance of keeping your head down when necessary.

Create an email schedule.  Set aside times of the day where you’ll check and respond to emails. 

Take scheduled breaks.

Turn off notifications on your devices and put your phone away. 

Reward yourself, having a reward to look forward to after you’ve got things done will keep you motivated to finish. 

Sleep well at night.  A solid night’s sleep improves concentration immeasurably.  Without it, you’re fighting against it all day.

Use headphones, block out the sounds around you, co-workers talking etc.  I always find soft music (without lyrics) helps me retain my focus on the task and quietens my monkey mind.

Avoid multitasking.  It doesn’t exist.  No one can do it, so don’t bother.

Avoid social media.  It is one giant trap, Alice in Wonderland style.  If you need to focus, don’t go down that hole! 

Calm your monkey mind.  Go for a walk, be in nature, mediate, for run or a session at the gym.  Whatever works for you, find ways to calm your mind and make time to do it each day.

Optimize your workspace.  Have a workspace that is free of clutter, comfortable and welcoming.  And have everything you need for your task close by BEFORE you start.

Short time frame.  If you can’t manage a big chunk of focus time, start out in shorter 20-30 minute sections and build from there.  Something is better than nothing.

Turn off internet access.  If you don’t need it for the task, turn it off.  Case in point, I just took a 20 minute detour reading about Alice in Wonderland and all the symbolism and metaphors in the story and then delved into each character….interesting to analyse the text from that perspective but there’s 20 minutes I won’t get back!

Use visual reminders.  Checklists, calendars, schedules etc. will all help you stay focused.

I hope these tips help you become in-distractable.

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