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Need a little motivation to make that change?

It can be hard to make changes – even those we know we have to make.  Those for our own good, those that will help us success, those that will make things better.

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Sometimes it’s hard because in the short term it’s easier to ignore it than put the effort into changing.

We tell ourselves we don’t have the time, or that things aren’t that bad.  But the truth is we have the time for things we want to have the time for and yes, things are sometimes that bad that change is necessary but it takes courage and effort we just don’t feel we have.

So, if you would benefit from making some positive changes in your life but need a little more motivation try these steps –

Step 1:  Ask yourself this – who else would benefit from a better version of you showing up?

It can at times, be easier to do things for others than for ourselves.  We can feel selfish if we make time to look after ourselves or prioritise our health, our goals etc.  It’s certainly not selfish to make time for yourself and the things you want to achieve but it can also be motivating to see that other people also benefit from a better version of you showing up.

So, who in your life would benefit from a better version of you showing up?  ‘Better’ could mean more energetic, healthier, fitter, less grumpy, calmer, more present, more helpful, happier, more self-assured – it could mean anything to anyone.

Step 2:  Write out a short list of habits, things that if you did regularly would help you make this change or get where you want to be.

Step 3:  Pick one habit off the list and break it down into a teeny tiny daily or weekly habit that you can start today and do it.  Do it every day or week until it forms part of your regular routine and once it has, stretch that habit – make it a bit harder or add another teeny tiny change (additional new habit).

If you’re like me and need a bit more structure to help set new goals and habits, grab yourself one of our Take Control – Habit Trackers.  They will help take you step by step through creating (and sticking to) your new habits. 

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