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If this doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will.

Trees Are Intelligent

A new generation of scientists is showing that plants and trees are intelligent and aware; they process information, sleep, remember, and communicate with one another. They have at least 20 different types of senses, including ones that roughly correspond to our five senses.

Tall green tree growing in forest

They also have additional senses that can do things such as measure humidity, detect gravity, vibrations, and sense electromagnetic fields.

These scientists insist that plants and trees are intelligent because they can sense, learn, remember and even react in ways similar to humans.

Their behaviours exhibit a coordinated activity and response across the whole organism that require signalling and communication systems which include long-distance electrical signals, specialized vascular tissues, and the production of chemicals used by the brain and nervous systems in humans and animals. The most well-known way they communicate is chemically. This is why some plants and trees smell so good and others awful.

Researchers have also tracked the exchange of nutrients and chemical signals between trees through an invisible underground fungal network.

The oldest trees, or "mother trees," function as hubs and help nourish their offspring until they’re tall enough to reach the light. In other words, trees recognize their seedlings as kin. Trees also cooperate by trading nutrients across species.

For example, when evergreen species have sugars to spare, they share them with deciduous species when they need them and vice versa. For the forest community, this cooperative and coordinated underground economy provides better overall health, more total photosynthesis, and greater resilience in the face of disturbance that allows them to thrive collectively.

Source:  Giving A Voice to Trees – HeartMath Institute October 12, 2022.

So, that feeling you get when you’re out in nature, it’s very real.  Next time you need to recharge or navigate your way through something in life, get yourself out in nature and be with the trees 😊

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