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Feeling stressed and anxious? This could help. Tip 7

When we get busy it’s easy to want to wind down with a few glasses of wine, our favourite junk food or whatever our go to is when we’re stressed.

But the reality is that aside from a very brief reprieve, these unhealthy habits don’t serve us.

Business woman having headache at desk

They don’t do our bodies or minds any good and they only compound stress and anxiety.

So the tip for this month is that to reduce stress and anxiety, set yourself up with healthy habits.

Tip 7:  Avoid alcohol use and maintain a healthy diet.

Creating healthy habits will improve your energy, your focus and your moods.

A healthy diet is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Lay off the alcohol and highly processed foods (and while you’re at it, get plenty of sleep) for a month and you’ll notice the difference!

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