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Feeling stressed and anxious? This could help.

The trend of busyness is still very much part of our lives.  Society has created this false narrative that the busier we are, the more important we are.  Or that the people who are busiest are getting the most done.

Busy and stressed women working at a home office

It’s all completely false and leading many people into a constant state of stress, anxiety and burn out.

So how can you reduce your stress and anxiety?  Well, we have some suggestions and a little challenge too.

Tip 1:  Don’t over commit.  Don’t over commit to too many tasks at work and maintain a manageable workload where possible.

Also, don’t over commit in your private life.  Do the things you enjoy and spend time with your friends and loved ones but you don’t have to fill your every free moment with activity.

Maintain a healthy balance of activity and rest time.

Our challenge – work on this tip for one month and get good at it.  If you find it helpful, stick with it.  We’ll be back next month with another tip. 

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