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Every Scar Tells a Story


Every scar tells a story.

Every scar changes you.

Every scar represents bravery, vulnerability, and growth.  Without which we would be more superficial and ironically, less whole.

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Each one tells a story, whether it be of love, of hope, of sacrifice, of loss, of the courage to keep going, to try one more time.

The stories those scars tell are what make us who we are.  They speak of overcome fears, of battles won, of wisdom gained.

Those scars also remind us that over time wounds heal and pain slowly fades away, that things have a way of still moving forward despite it all.  But above all, they remind us what we’re capable of and of everything that is worth fighting for. 

Every scar both the visible and invisible make us more beautiful, better equipped to love more wholeheartedly, to be kinder, to serve with humility – as long as you don’t let it harden you.

So be proud of your scars, be proud of every time you were knocked down but not defeated. 

Because every scar tells a story, but you get to decide what story it tells. 

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