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Don’t be a candle blower outer & don’t let others dim your light

Watch this, it only goes for a minute but it packs a punch https://fb.watch/cvHPvymTve/

It naCandles burning on a pianoils it for what we should teach our kids, for what we should bring to our relationships, families, friendships, colleagues.

Often we are so wrapped up in what we want in our lives that it’s easy to compare or become envious of what others have.  But others having something or being something, in most cases, doesn’t mean you can’t have it or be it to.

We’re all on our own journey.  A journey to love, to achieve, to improve, to figure it all out.  If we make the assumption that letting someone else’s light shine brightly means we can’t shine brightly too then it’s easy to become a candle blower outer.  Yet it’s not an all or nothing proposition.

If your light shines bright, it doesn’t mean mine can’t too.

So, encourage others, support them, be happy for them.  There is plenty for room for everyone’s success, happiness, joy. 

Let other’s shine and give yourself permission to as well.

And as Brené Brown so eloquently put it, “you want to surround yourself with people who when your light is shining bright think ‘wow, what a beautiful light"


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