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Do you have protected time?

When you’re an entrepreneur, work for yourself or a high-level executive, you end up basically being able to set whatever schedule you want but you can get to the point where your day is filled with lots and lots of stuff.

For me, I realised I need to keep my mornings free of any obligations or zoom calls etc. and that has been a game changer because that means in the morning, once I’ve co-ordinated everything and everyone I need to for the day, I have a solid few hours of uninterrupted time where I can do whatever I want. 

Security guard in front of barbed wire fence

That means the morning is my protected time for writing or working on client projects or developing new products.

Irrespective of whether I have a key project to work on or not, it’s nice to know I have that morning block to think about the business or plan more products or do things that help move me forward in my work, career or life. 

So, if you’re interested in finding better ways to manage your time, I would recommend figuring out what your protected time is going to be, time for you and you alone and not for anyone else.  Where no one is allowed to book something in your schedule. 

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