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Do what you can, where you are.

I’m frequently seeing posts of people from all walks of life apologising for not being present on social media or bravely admitting that they are finding it hard to move through the world right now.

Woman on beach at sunset

So I wanted to write a post to remind anyone who does feel this way, that its perfectly ok not to be ok with things as they are right now.  On a daily basis we are surrounded by outrage, fear and grief either directly or indirectly – it takes its toll.

Sometimes we can’t find the right energy to bring to the day ahead.  Sometimes it is easier to hide away than show up – forgive yourself.

It has been a hard few years, even harder for some – be kind to yourself.

Rest.  Give yourself time to heal (whether that be physically or mentally).  We all need that at times.

Find joy in the small things, the wonder, the small miracles of nature.

Find ways to bring love and joy back into focus, to counter balance the stress/anxiety/fear.  It may seem pointless when you first begin. But the more we take time to notice even the small things in our lives to be grateful for, the more we grow our capacity to find joy and show up for ourselves and for others.

And if things are not difficult for you right now, great!  If you’re feeling energetic, happy and confident, share it.  Show up for others, check in on a friend.  Be a little more patient with people.  Be a little kinder.  Notice if someone needs your help, even if they don’t say it out loud. 


Whichever one you are– do what you can, where you are.  It’s perfectly ok.

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