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Ditch the pressure to set new year resolutions

As the year draws to a close, instead of putting pressure on ourselves to make new year resolutions, reflect on some simple questions:

Lonely young women sitting by waterfront

What do I want to do more of in 2024?
What do I want to do less of in 2024?
What is one thing I am proud of from 2023?
What is one situation in your life that you feel you should change but haven’t yet.

The first few days of the year are an important time to just be. We are always on the go, working, talking, reading, watching TV, scrolling on our phones, planning the next task. The mind is kept insanely busy all day.

Have a few moments, a few hours, a day or two if you can... of peacefulness so you can recharge ready for an amazing 2024.

Clear out some mental space to allow to you feel, think, question and dream.

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