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Did you know that gratitude can re-wire your brain?

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is giving thanks for something external.  But that giving thanks for something external actually causes an internal shift in you and it has a significant impact on our physiological and psychological wellbeing.

Happy woman with arm raised in field at sunset

So how can something as simple as giving thanks makes such a big difference?  It’s had to describe the impact that it has.  Even if you’re having a terrible day or if you’re in a period of your life where things are tough.  Everyone goes through those times.  Everyone has bad days and giving thanks really does shift your perspective.

What it does, is it doesn’t make you forget about the bad things or trivialise them but people that show gratitude actually deal with trauma and life’s problems much better than people who don’t.

So it doesn’t brush things aside but it encourages these joyful states of being.

There have been numerous studies on the benefits of gratitude, with some sharing that people who practice gratitude make better dietary choices, they exercise more, they have lower rates of depression, anxiety and stress.

People who practice gratitude even have lower levels of cholesterol.  It improves heart rate variability – all these distinctive physiological benefits and it makes you happier.  Who doesn’t want to be happier?

It’s a profound habit that can transform your life and it’s so simple.

If you’re looking to start a gratitude practice, check out our gorgeous gratitude kids.  They come with little note pads to write what you’re grateful for and thank you notes to others to show your appreciation for the contribution they make to your life.  Check them out, we can’t wait to help you get grateful!

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