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If you ever find yourself exhausted from rushing from one activity to another or barely remembering details of a conversation you had a few hours earlier – you may benefit from being more mindful.

Father giving son shoulder ride in canola field.

Now I’m aware that mindfulness can take on a very specific meaning and can be an in-depth topic, but I’m here today to offer some alternative ideas on mindfulness. 

As we edge (or race) toward the end of the year, instead of rushing from activity to activity, try and make a real effort to slow down and be present.

Don’t think of mindfulness in terms of mediation and awareness of everything you’re feeling etc. just simply be where you are.

If you’re visiting friends or family, be there.  Put your phone down – be present, listen to the conversation.  Don’t let your mind be distracted by your to do’s or everything else that’s expected of you.

If you’re in a work meeting, pay attention.  Consider what is being said, contribute thoughtfully.

If you’re playing with your kids, be with them, enjoy them, commit it to memory.

We often let irreplaceable moments pass us by without appreciating how precious they are because we don’t take the time to slow down and be present.

So this week, try being exactly where you are.

Put your phone down.  Don’t constantly worry about your to do list, the past or the future.

Just be here, now.


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