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8 Habits to Get You Where You Want to Be


Having goals about where you want to be in life is an important part of growing and moving forward.  Without them, we can stagnate and miss out on reaching our potential. 

Here are 8 habits that will help you get where you want to go.

Set Goals

Dreams are dreams, but to make them real you need tangible goals.  Set your goals, write them down, then break them into small actionable steps.

By regularly setting, reviewing and achieving goals you’ll get where you want to be and keep growing.

Take Action Every Day

Whatever your dream might be, act on it every day.

Work through those small actionable steps methodically, weave new supportive habits that you can turn into a solid routine.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. 

Block Out Time to Focus

Block time for your dreams and goals. Don’t let others steal this scheduled time — protect it. Set it aside and use it to meet your goals and work on your dreams.  Without it, it’s easy to get distracted by the daily happenings of life. 

Read, Listen, Learn

Read books, blogs, and articles. Listen to podcasts and interviews. Try to read or listen to something valuable each morning while you eat breakfast or exercise.

Attractive young women sitting in a cafe writing in book

Preferably, read success stories about others who achieved similar dreams to yours. You will gain crucial knowledge and the stories will motivate you to keep persevering.

Network At Every Opportunity

Go to networking events or just parties and dinners with friends. Take every chance you get to learn from others and build a network. Be open to new people and always help others, even if it’s no direct benefit to you. A strong network is key, no matter what you want to achieve in life.   No one is an island.

Review Your Strategy & Progress

Keep evaluating your strategy and progress of your goals. Maybe you need to pivot and adjust the goals? Maybe you need different goals? Are you getting the expected results? Keep evaluating what you do and amend if needed.

Remember, it’s only failure if you don’t learn from it.  Not everything you try will work and not everything will be an enormous success.  Learn, manoeuvre, grow.


Take care of your body and soul. To keep the mind in shape and be productive, creative, and motivated, you need to stay healthy. Try to exercise at least 30 minutes per day — it will do miracles for your motivation and mind.

Celebrate Milestones

Don’t forget to have fun and celebrate success along the way. It will help keep you motivated and you will feel that you are moving forward and closer to your goals.

Pick one of these habits to start working on today and incorporate it into your success strategy.

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