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4 ways to make your beliefs work in your favour

Step 1:   Understand your beliefs

First set yourself a challenge to hunt out your own beliefs.  Brainstorm as many beliefs as you can that you hold - about yourself, your life, its direction, other people, loved ones, work, finances, health and fitness, success etc.

For example:

I can never lose weight. Every time I try, I just put it straight back on. 

I will look stupid if I share my idea in a meeting.

When my back its to the wall, the best in me comes out.

I can’t compete with them; they are better than me.

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Step 2:  Determine if they help or hinder you

Once you feel you have a good understanding of your key beliefs, take your observations to the next level. Ask yourself, how is this belief serving me?  What do I get from having that belief?  How does it influence the things I believe I can or cannot do?

Your beliefs could be trying to protect you from getting hurt or they could be encouraging you to try new things.  Remember, even your negative beliefs have a purpose.  Our mind has our best interests at heart and doesn’t want to see us get hurt, feel humiliated etc. BUT despite best intentions, it can have a huge impact on our life, what we put into it and what we get out of it.

Understanding what is behind your beliefs and where they may have started will help you shift the unhelpful ones.

Step 3:  Shifting unhelpful beliefs

Decide on which belief you will change (focus on one at a time).  Pick the one that will have the biggest impact on your life if you change it to something more helpful.

Write down why it is important for you to change this belief.  What will you gain from changing it?  What would be different?  How will it help you?  The why has to be strong enough to see you through the change.

Write down why the belief is wrong.  Pretend a close friend has this belief, what would you tell them?  Highlight how this belief is holding them back, the damage it is doing – whatever the defence, disagree with it until there are no counter-arguments left.

Step 4:  Replace it with a better one

Create tiny daily habits that will help you cement your new approach/way of thinking.  Remember, small changes that are easy to do will create sustained results.

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